PB-80 and the BBB

Ah, PB-80 penetrating the BBB. Who’s heard this one before?

Did you know that PB-80 is used as an ingredient in ice cream? Yup, that’s why ice cream can cause brain freeze. Polysorbate-80 sends signals to the brain telling the semi-permeable membrane, known as the Blood Brain Barrier, to relax a little, and let the ice cream cross over. When you eat ice cream too fast, and too much ice cream makes it to the brain, it freezes!

Unbelievable, right? That’s because I made it up. It’s about as true as the claim that the PB-80 in vaccines causes the BBB to loosen up and allow the meniscal amounts of aluminum salts, used as an adjuvant in some vaccines, through.

The truth is: the amount of PB-80 used in a vaccine (and ice cream), is no where near enough to affect the BBB. The MMR vaccine, for example, would require at least 3,000 times more PB-80 to get the BBB to chillax.

If you care to learn more, follow the link for an easy to read explanation from someone much smarter than AltPan.

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