Jim Meehan

Dr. Jim Meehan, or as I like to call him: Jack Meehoff, is an ophthalmologist. He’s also a human shaped pile of anti-vax garbage.

I first met Meehan back in July of 2018, when he orchestrated the online assault of a grieving family.

Four-month-old Killan Schultz contracted meningitis, it’s believed, from an unvaccinated child at his pediatrician’s office. Killy was taken to the hospital with a rash and fever and died 24 hours later.

Alex, Killy’s mom, had been told that she likely wouldn’t be able to have children, so the happy baby boy was an unexpected gift to her and fiancee, Gabriel.

Understandably, and in grief, Alex took to Facebook as an outlet for her pain. She didn’t hide her anger with parents who choose to deny their children vaccines.

In a call-out post on Facebook, Meehan blamed the child’s 4-month-old vaccines, or a vaccinated close contact, for shedding the live vaccine virus that infected and killed baby Killy. He issued a subtle call to action that was later removed, but can still be seen in the edit history of his public post. A post that remains on Meehan’s Facebook page, “No ludicrous, unevidenced, false narratives that defy standard medical diagnostics should be tolerated.” Meehan’s Unvaccinated Bogeyman

Most readers can guess what happened next, but to be sure- Alex’s post (on her personal Facebook page) was overrun by anti-vaxers. They accused her of poisoning her son. Some went so far as to call her a murderer. Friends and family members who fiercely defended the heartbroken mom became targets for abuse too. It was nothing short of cruel.

Dr. E


Ocular Immunology and Inflammation claim


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